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Central Coast Technology Consultants (CCTC) is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to supporting the information technology needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Our consultants are highly experienced, highly knowledgeable professionals who have worked in technology companies large and small for decades. We strive to treat you like we’d want to be treated: with respect, concern, and attention.

Who we are

Yong Pong


Yong has been a computer technology professional since 1998. He has worked in both information technology and software development. Most recently, Yong was a senior software engineer for CygNet Software, one of North America’s most heavily deployed oil and gas data collection systems.

Yong’s favorite project involved moving an entire data center from one location to another without interrupting business operations. The project involved tight coordination between half-a-dozen IT professionals, but 24 hours later and no operational interruptions, the project ended in complete success.

Rumor has it, Yong even has a life. The father of two and husband of one, Yong finds time to hike, fly fish, backpack, photograph, and play soccer. He also knows a good beer from a bad one, and he has secret fantasies of becoming a BBQ pit master one day when no one lets him fix computers anymore.

Yong holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He has worked for Seagate Software, VERITAS Software, Symantec, Sonic Solutions, and CygNet Software (a Weatherford International company).

Matt Molloy

IT Consultant

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