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The information center is resource for businesses to educate themselves about technology tips, trends and money saving information with regards to technology. Leveraging our years of industry experience you can now use the resource to help plan your technology deployment for your business on your own or augment an existing plan. This free resource can help you make decisions about your companies technology deployment at your new or existing business. Making the right technology decisions early on can make or break most businesses so getting informed is a good first step in this process. Don't want to go it alone and make the decisions yourself? No problem, Central Coast Technology Consultants have your back with a complete range of technology services and options tailored to your business needs. Have a question that isn't answered here? Ask by using the "Contact Us" email form below. Thank you from all of us at CCTC!

How can the cloud help my business?

How can Central Coast Technology Consultants help me leverage the cloud?

Central Coast Technology Consultants can make it possible for you to create a Cloud IT strategy for your business by consulting with us or if you are not comfortable creating an IT cloud strategy for your business CCTC can do it all for you.

Here are just some of the topics we can help plan for when considering an IT Strategy in the Cloud.

  • Email to the Cloud
  • Cloud Friendly Communication systems
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Business Continuity
  • Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for Business
  • Cloud Security Information
  • Telecommuting Workforce
  • Server virtualization and the Cloud

What are my technology options if I have a traditional IT Infrastructure?

Your options are broken down into what goals you are trying to achieve in your business. There are 3 distinct categories we see in the industry today.

1. On Premise  (This option is usually the most expensive option but gives you the most control over your data)

2. Cloud Base (This is a buy as you need option that is usually the most affordable option with higher scale-ability with less control of your data versus on Premise)

3. Hybrid  (This option combines on premise and cloud based technology plans. This is good for companies that have workflows that need more data control but allows the savings of having other workflows sent to the cloud and can be a good first step for companies that have existing on premise technology and are looking to move to the cloud)

Are there solutions for Internet Security Fears?

As more and more business moves to the cloud to conduct business its internet security needs will rise.  Most small business when creating a technology plan should give allot of thought into how your business will use the internet.  In data security the word “Threat Vector”  is a term that is simply defined as how big of a target do you appear to be to the online world.  The bigger your company and the more business you do on the internet will increase your Threat Vector.

Let’s use securing your home when you go on vacation as an example.  Your home has a lot of doors and windows and other means of accessing your home when you want to enter or exit it. Before leaving on your trip you decide that locking all the doors and windows will be sufficient to keep the bad guys out but now you think about it again and say to yourself, well I have someone coming in that will take care of my pets and water my plants so I will give that person a key. This is the first step in the process of creating a plan that you will use to secure your home while you are away.

Internet Security is not unlike the process you took to plan for your vacation. Taking a practical approach to determining what access you want to create and how you will conduct business online is the first step in creating a Internet security plan. It should be said that no security system out there is full proof but taking steps to reasonably protect your business and investment.

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